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Affiliate Membership


An affiliate member of Zambia Online Network is any entity that registers and is confirmed by Zambia Online Network's Admin as such. An affiliate member basically has access rights to all paid, special and other member areas of all our websites in Zambia Online's Network.

Zambia Online Network's Affiliate Partners ("AFFILIATE MEMBERS") are those invited to register here as such, or who offer, apply or qualify to register as such. An "Affiliate Member" basically means any entity that can not only share / advertise their website's link in the main directory of this website, but also owns a website and would publish our logo on any pages in the main directory of their own website, with an active link back to the homepage of this website. Alternatively, an "Affiliate" here could also mean anyone who wishes to pay to publish their links, goods or services in this Network and also access other services offered by its chain of websites, before their link's, goods' or services' inclusion in our website's main installation directory may be effected.

There are therefore two ways of becoming an AFFILIATE MEMBER of Zambia Online Network:

  • (1) Through invitation by our website(s).
  • (2) Through registering and/or applying to feature your website's link in the homepage directory in exchange for publishing our logo on your website (at least one level down the main directory of your website) as a trackback to our Network's own homepage directory.
  • (3) Paying for the rights & privileges of an Affiliate Member on any site(s) in Zambia Online's Network as specified and listed below, which option guarantees the maximum rights of access and other privileges on our websites.


Joining Zambia Online Network as an Affiliate member will give you extra access to publish your link in the main directory of these websites, the Homepage. Joining as a paid Affiliate member will give you even more unparalleled access to all of the valued member services and the vast resources that our combined websites are geared to offer. We will give you and your business or organisation a competitive edge and meaningful web presence via letting you have access to exclusive, bug-free and very efficient members-only resources and applications powering our websites. Here are some of the free benefits of being an Affiliate Member of Zambia Online Network:

  • Access to full membership, editorship rights and exclusive privilege to feature up to 10 links in the ZAMBIA ONLINE NETWORK HOMEPAGE & CONTENT DIRECTORY.
  • Access to full membership rights of access and editorship, and exclusive privilege to feature an unlimited number of links in the Zambia Online directory.
  • Access to full Gold Membership & Rights on the B2B Marketplace website.
  • Permission to also feature your own products or services for sale in the Zambia Online Network Online Shop.
  • Publisher rights on any website in the Zambia Online Network (e.g. in the form of articles), including publishing about your business as an indirect form of advertising your business.
  • Access to full Premium Membership & Rights on the Auctions website.
  • Access to to full Premium Membership & Rights on the Classifieds website.
  • Access to full Premium Employer / Job Seeker Membership & Rights on the Jobs & Careers website.
  • Access to full Advertiser Membership on the Advertising website with exclusive permission to advertise a logo of your choice for one month for free.
  • Access to members-only areas of our website, including privileges in our Customer Helpdesk service.
  • Other access rights.


It costs nothing if one wishes to join via the first and second options (appropriate link-sharing between Zambia Online Network & your website). It costs USD 100 or equivalent (or ZMK500,000) per member to join and be able to fully utilise the services of Zambia Online Network's websites for the first one year as a paid affiliate member (with extended rights and privileges), after that half that amount ($50 or equivalent / K250,000) per year for at least the following one year from the time of initial registration. Please note that this option is still the better and cheaper option, especially for entities that would like to fully utilise all the energies offered by the diverse websites in our Network, than when paying for these services individually, wherever such payment may be required for fuller access to the services. These services are: e.g. the B2B Marketplace Gold Membership services, partly Free Advertising, Totally Free Premium Auctions, Totally Free Premium Classifieds and other shopping-cart services that may seem basically for free but aren't totally for free, but with limitations. Alongside paid Affiliate membership registrations, Zambia Online Network would only require truthful, accurate, specific and complete, but brief, identity information about any entity or anyone wishing to apply for that type of membership service, especially for link-sharing affiliates. Certain few conditions may also have to be met. Please contact us for details.

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Affiliate Membership
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