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Auction Portal: Brief Overview

Auctions Portal: Brief Overview

 Zambia-Online Auction Portal is your free, feature-rich and complete search engine-optimized Zambian Auction portal solution, is for (private and commercial) advertisers, and private and commercial buyers and sellers alike. It caters for, among other things, the placing of free commercial and personal auction ads, seller account management by registered members, the maintenance of company / business profiles or business / company listings. Registration / Membership is free for all members (i.e. whether as advertisers, online vendors / sellers or buyers of any offered goods or services), irrespective of whether they are acting as a private individual or as a business entity. This Auction Portal has an extremely user-friendly interface, and navigation is easy. It can feature selected featured ads, bold and highlighted ads, front-page ads galleries, and has a free image-upload facility. The website also features automated click-based, time-based or impressions-based advertising for your website / banner or for your business' product(s) or services, and a registered member cab buy impressions at very competitive fees that are the lowest on the market. Members have full control over their data and can upload their own banner ads, edit their own ads etc.

If you have any further queries, please consult the Auction Portal main FAQ Pages for more detailed information. You may also post a query here at the FAQ Pages. If you're already a registered member or a returning service customer, including at any of the other Zambia-Online.com sub-domains, you may contact us directly by submitting a fast ticket via  the Service Helpdesk.

If you're not yet a registered member, feel free to sign up for a free account as soon as you're ready, then test, reap and enjoy the benefits!


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Auction Portal: Brief Overview
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Joe R. April 14th, 2010 3:59 pm A note on ad bloikcng it's not just annoying flash and the like that make people hate online ads. Advertising companies have a long history (at least in terms of the age of the Internet) of not playing fair with consumers things like individual history tracking, the force downloading of malicious content, I'd venture that these are the main reasons for much of the ad bloikcng. Take a look at any reputable malware database and you will see a plethora of examples of these and other downright dishonest advertising behavior. It's these types of companies that ruin things for legitimate advertisers and are cause for many a network administrator (and anti-malware tool) to keep ads away from users, many of whom may not even have a choice in the matter. Things do seem to have improved somewhat, but these facts are still very relevant.For what it's worth, I have no problem with ads as long as it's simple images, SIMPLE unobtrusive flash or (for example) upselling on a cart/checkout page, but for me pop-ups/pop-unders and ads that interrupt my viewing of the web page are just out of the question.
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